Product Code: UBG 651 POLAR WHITE

With the new Franke Urban coloured sink you won't need to ask for help with the washing-up. It's so convenient and even fun to work in and around these stylish sinks that your guests or family members will happily ignore the dishwasher and volunteer to wash the dishes by hand. At least they will enjoy the look and feel of a modern and functional sink while using it.

These ultra-modern sinks are made of Fragranite, an extremely solid and easy-to-clean material consisting of 83 percent quartz and 17 percent acrylic resin. The colour is thermochemical bonded to the quartz particles, so it looks new and untouched for ever.

Product Information
Cabinet Size     600.00 mm
Length Overall     1,000.00 mm
Width Overall     500.00 mm
Length of large bowl     350.00 mm
Width of large bowl     425.00 mm
Depth of large bowl     220.00 mm
Length of small bowl     166.00 mm
Width of small bowl     322.00 mm
Depth of small bowl     139.00 mm
Cutout Length     964.00 mm
Cutout Width     464.00 mm
Position of Drainer     Reversible


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