Boiling water at its most convenient

Ultimate convenience | True 100°C boiling water | Easy Installation | Safety assured | Quick sterilizing – perfect for babies’ bottles | Hygienic cleaning | Faster cooking and preparation

Save energy

The energy use of a boiling water tank is on average 10p/day which is comparable to a light bulb. The average cost to boil a kettle is 2.5p.

No waiting time for hot water | No waste of water or energy | No energy surge caused by the use of a kettle

The Omni 4-in-1 tap delivers not only hot and cold mains water but also cold and 100°C boiling filtered water, marrying the timeless appeal of a swan-neck spout and elegant levers with premium hi-shine solid stainless steel. Omni. One tap does it all.

Now available in a range of new coloured finishes, to complement the growing trend for coloured metals in today's modern kitchen.


Please be aware of your water pressure before purchase. If your water pressure is too low, the installation of a pump should be investigated. If your pressure is too high, the inclusion of a pressure reducing valve (not supplied) in the system will be necessary.

Product Information
Version     Swivel Spout
Handle Width     170.00 mm
Height Overall     385.00 mm
Height to End of Spout     240.00 mm
Spout reach     215.00 mm
Hot Flow Rate at 0.3 bar     2.40 litres/min
Remarks     The minimum pressure is 1.5 bar for hot and cold supply. The maximum Pressure is 5 bar.

SSP £1400

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