Product Code: 1347NI

Multiple pre-set temperatures ranging from 75oC to 99oC
Unique Anti-Scald Lock
Includes Digital Tank and Filter
Non pressurised filter housing
Compact, high quality heater tank with state of the art digital touch screen display
Quick and simple installation using a standard 13amp socket
1.5KW element
2.4 Litre capacity tank
Vented system
High quality filtration system
Operates from as low as 1.5 bar
Digital temperature control accurate to 0.5 degrees celsius
Rapid reheat with zero run off and spit free
Water saving, time saving and energy efficient
Easy to install and use with movable fixing bracket
New design filter housing connection for quick and easy filter replacement
High quality cartridge with nano filtration technology removes debris, water born cysts,bacteria, chlorine, chemicals, bad taste and odour
Lime scale reduction to increase product lifespan
6 month filter life


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