Product Code: DOSF400S

All glass inner door: All glass inner door, a single flat surface which is simple to keep clean.
Display name: DigiScreen
Display technology: LED
Oven control:Electro-mechanical
Temperature control:Electro-mechanical
Minimum Temperature:50 °C
Maximum temperature:250 °C
Cavity material:Easy clean Enamel
No. of shelves:5
Shelves type:Metal racks
No. of lights:1
User-replaceable light:Yes
Light type:Halogen
Light Power:40W
Door opening type:Standard opening
Door:Temperate door
Removable door:Yes
Full glass inner door:Yes
Removable inner door:Yes
Total no. of door glasses:3
No. of thermoreflecting door glasses:1
Safety Thermostat:Yes
Cooling system:Tangential
Heating suspended when door is opened:Yes
Grill element - power:1800 W
Circular heating element - Power:2700 W


No. of lights:1
Maximum temperature:270 °C
Light type:Halogen
No. of shelves:2
Light Power:40 W
Minimum Temperature:50 °C
Tiliting grill:Yes
Time-setting options:No delay options
Removable door:Yes
Removable inner door:Yes
No. of total door glasses:2
No. of thermoreflecting door glasses:1
Bottom heating element power:1200 W
Upper heating element - Power:1000 W
Grill element - power:1700 W
Large grill - Power:2700 W


Energy efficiency class:A
Net volume of the cavity:70 litres
GAS - Energy consumption in forced air convection:2,88 MJ
Energy consumption per cycle in fan-forced convection:0,8 KWh

SSP £1259

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