Product Code: CMS4104N

Type: Automatic
Category: 45 cm compact

N° drinks: 13
Pre-heat infuser function: Yes
Coffee function (single): Yes
Coffee function (double): Yes
Automatic Cappuccino maker with separate tank for milk: Yes
Hot water function: for Tea or other drinks: Yes
Ground coffee option: Yes
Adjustable coffee intensity: 5 levels
Variable coffee length: 5 levels
Adjustable cappuccino foam: Yes
Automatic descaling: Yes
Automatic rinsing: At every switch on/off
Programmed automatic switch-on: Yes
Variable coffee temperature: 3 levels
Adjustable coffee grinder: Yes, 13 levels
Lack of water signal: Yes
Water hardness: Yes
Child lock: Yes
Demo mode: Yes

Dimensions of the product (mm): 455x595x470


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