Product Code: LA-120-CAN-SS-PLUS

120cm Canopy Kitchen extractor with an impressive 850 m³/hr motor.

This model comes with LED lights and is available in sizes 52cm, 74cm and 120cm in Stainless Steel. Gone are the canopy hoods with very poor extraction rates and expensive halogen lights. These quality canopy extractors by Luxair all carry a 7 years parts and labour warranty (Subject To Registration)

Most canopy hoods only offer up to 300 m³/hr but Luxairs' new canopy range offer a powerful 850 m³/hr motor. Fitted with 2 LED lights, metal grease filters and easy to use switch, this hood is powerful and quiet and delivers the quality that Luxair are proud of at the most affordable prices.

All our built in range can be fitted with either charcoal carbon filters or be ducted out to ensure a fresh odour free kitchen area.

Charcoal Filters : 2x Round 6 1 filter each side of the motor*

Duct Size (6 metre Max) : 125mm Minimum
(150mm Recommended)

Fuse Type: 3 amp

EEI Rating Motor : B

Metal Grease Filters
LA-52-CAN-PLUS x1 406x189
LA-74-CAN-PLUS x1 506x189
LA-74-CAN-PLUS x3 320x177 - Heavy Duty
*You must measure your mesh grill size. Older
models might have different sizes to current models*

Motor : All Sizes - 850m³/hr

Lighting : 2x LED Fittings 2w 4000 Kelvin

Switch Type : 52cm + 74cm - Push Button
120cm - Electronic Timer

Extraction Rate Speed 1 Speed 2 Speed 3
(Unrestricted) 235m³/hr 645m³/hr 850m³/hr
(Recirculated) 157m³/hr 432m³/hr 569m³/hr
Noise Levels DB/A 53 DB 61 DB 70 DB


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