Product Code: LA-85-LUSSO-CAN-SS

This brand new luxury canopy cooker hood is the very best built-in kitchen canopy on the market, what makes this canopy hood totally different from all other canopy hoods are,

The cooker hood motor unit has a massive extraction rate of 1350m³/hr, motor rating tested unrestricted before ducting is installed, please be aware that you will lose extraction rates of a 1/3rd every time you use a 90° elbow or bend in your ducting, its recommended that a minimum of 200mm 8" ducting should be used on this product however 150mm 6" can be used, you will need the reducer collar Part A1 , the maximum run for the ducting is 6.5 meters on this extractor.

Baffle grease filters are the best way of collecting grease efficiently, these new cooker hoods all have stainless steel grease baffle filters, they also look fantastic and will enhance any designer kitchen, they are 98% efficient at collecting cooking grease and will reduce the noise levels making your extractor very quiet as the air passes through these filters. 80% more efficient than conventional metal mesh grease filter.

Fan Speed Speed 1 Speed 2 Speed 3 Intensive
Extraction Rate
Unrestricted 650m³/hr 800m³/hr 110m³/hr 1350m³/hr
Noise Levels DB/A 49 DB 56 DB 64 DB 70DB

SSP £1399

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