Product Code: D94BHM1N0B

Touch Control: an integrated flat surface control panel for
smooth operation with a fingerswipe.
Intensive speed setting: increases the extraction rate when the
steam gets intense
LED Lighting – Clear illumination while you cook.
Reduced Noise: our optimised motor guarantees a quiet cooking

Technical Data
Typology: Wall-mounted
Length electrical supply cord: 130.0 cm
Height of the chimney: 583-912/583-1022 mm
Height of the appliance: 53 mm
Minimum distance above an electric hob: 550 mm
Minimum distance above a gas hob: 650 mm
Net weight: 13.2 kg
Type of control: Electronic
Number of speed settings: 3-stages + intensive setting
Maximum output air extraction: 372 m³/h
Boost position output recirculating: 441 m³/h
Maximum output recirculating air: 337 m³/h
Boost position air extraction: 604 m³/h
Maximum Air flow: 372 m³/h
Number of lights: 2
Noise level: 60 dB(A) re 1 pW


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