Product Code: LA-90-LINEA-BLK

Led strip lighting underneath, and Led lit glass touch control switch giving a smooth tranquil design. This hood has a black glass undercarriage to give a sleek stylish design to give the smooth quality feel that only Luxair hoods can offer.

This cooker hood also has easy access to grease filter with a flip down glass front panel, very high extraction rates 800m³/hr and must be fitted on minimum 5” ducting.

The Linea range has a 3 speed touch sensitive control that features a boost option. Hold speed 3 for 3 seconds and the motor will increase speed for 7 mins before dropping back to speed 3.

Pressing the timer function will automatically turn the motor off after 5 mins of use.

Extraction Rate Speed 1 Speed 2 Speed 3 Speed 4
(Unrestricted) 320m³/hr 452m³/hr 584m³/hr 714m³/hr
(Recirculated) 224m³/hr 316m³/hr 409m³/hr 500m³/hr
Noise Level 47 DB 54 DB 61 DB 66 DB
Timer Function 5 Mins 5 Mins 5 Mins 7 Mins


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