Product Code: SE232TD1

Supplier name or brand SMEG
Product code SE232TD1
Type of hob Electric
No. of cooking zones/areas and/or gas burners 2
Position zone 1 Rear-centre
Position zone 2 Front-centre
Heating technology zone 1 Ceramic - Double
Heating technology zone 2 Ceramic - Single
Diameter or length/width of zone 1 18.0 cm
Diameter or length/width of zone 2 14.5 cm
Energy consumption zone 1 196.0 Wh/Kg
Energy consumption zone 2 190.3 Wh/Kg
Hob energy consumption 193.2 Wh/Kg

Aesthetic Universale
Colour Black
Finishing Glass
Material Glass
Glass type Ceramic
Glass edge Straight edge
Type of control setting Digi Touch
LED colours Red
Control knob position Front
Serigraphy colour Grey

SSP £189

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