Product Code: MP422X1

Product Family: Microwave
Category: Built-in
Installation: Under cupboard
Cooking Method: Microwave with grill
Control: Electronic

No. of functions: 6
Full grill: Yes
Pizza: Yes
Defrost by time: Yes
Defrost by weight: Yes
Microwave: Yes
Microwave + grill: Yes

No. of lights: 1
Light type: Incandescent
Light power: 20 W
Light when door is opened: Yes
Door opening: Side-opening
Total no. of door glasses: 2
Cooling system: Tangential
Ceramic base: Yes
Grill type: Heating element
Tilting grill: Yes
Grill - power: 1250 W
Microwave effective power: 850 W
Safety Thermostat: Yes
Microwave screen protection: Yes
Microwave stops when door is opened: Yes

Dimensions of the product (mm): 390x595x334

SSP £809

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