Product Code: SUK92CMX9

A-10% 36 litres 72 litres Safe Cook Double glazed doors Enamel interior Air cooling system The inner door glass
7 functions including Circulaire element with fan
Oven capacity: gross - 79 litres, net - 72 litres
Digital electronic clock/programmer
Air cooling system
Closed door grilling
Removable inner door glasses
Vapor clean
Conventional (main oven): 0.92kW/h
Forced air convection (main oven): 0.89kW/h

AUXILIARY OVEN (static oven)
A-10% Safe Cook Double glazed doors Enamel interior Air cooling system
4 functions including upper and lower element
Oven capacity: gross - 39 litres, net - 35 litres
Air cooling system
Closed door grilling
Conventional (auxillary oven): 0.71kW/h

Double storage compartment beneath the ovens
St/steel feet and black plinth provided

5 radiant 'High-Light' zones
5 Radiant 'High-Light zones’, including 2 dual
Rear left: Ø 195mm, 2.0 kW
Front left: Ø 140mm, 1.2 kW
Central dual zone: Ø 170/265mm, 1.4/2.2 kW
Rear right dual zone: Ø 140/210mm, 0.75/2.2 kW
Front right: Ø 140mm, 1.2 kW
Residual heat indicators
Automatic safety cut-out

Nominal Power: 13.3 kW
Power supply required: dedicated cooker circuit - consult a qualifed electrican

Main oven:
2 x Roasting/grill pan
Grill mesh
Chrome shelf
Roof Liner

Auxiliary oven:
Grill mesh
Chrome shelf
Non-stick trayOptions
GT1T-1 - Pair fully extractable telescopic shelves
PRTX - Pizza stone with handles
KIT90X - St/steel splash back
GT1P-1 - Pair partially extractable telescopic shelves
PALPZ - Folding Pizza Shovel
PC60 - Stay clean liners for 60 litre cavities
PR7A2 - Plate Rack (for use in Auxiliary Oven)

SSP £2139

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